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Ownly lets buyers self-qualify using our patent-pending platform, saving time and money and creating certainty for home builders, developers, and real estate brokers.

Say goodbye to fall-through deals, and hello to smoother, faster sales.

We’re speeding up the sales process for home builders by eliminating tire-kickers so your team can spend their time where it matters most. Ownly verified is a simple integration that makes home buying easier for everyone.

With Ownly Verified, you will:

Ownly verified saves home builders 110 hours per sale

Ownly is reframing the way real estate is bought and sold

Ownly connects real estate buyers and sellers, allowing customers to shop, self-qualify and buy real estate online. Ownly Verified is a simple addition to any seller’s website, allowing your customers to self-qualify in a few easy steps.
How it Works

Let your customers self qualify

Get started quickly and easily with Ownly verified.

Verified Pricing




/ month

Includes 10 premium leads per month.



/ month

Includes 20 premium leads per month.



/ month

Includes 20+ premium leads per month. Speak to a representative to get an accurate estimate.

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Sell homes faster with Ownly Verified.

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