Be the Hero Your Home Buyers Need

Home Builder marketer coming up with something innovative

“Every story worth reading has a hero” – Joseph Campbell, Mythologist Who doesn’t love a hero? And when new generational consumer habits are constantly shaking up an industry like the home builder industry, it’s crucial to have a champion on your team that’ll help your business evolve to the buyers’ needs regardless of wearing a […]

Stop Trying to Sell New Homes with Old Marketing

Vintage advertising

Here’s a home builder marketing tip for you: Traditional marketing is going the way of the dodo bird. We’ve all seen the billboard of the cheesy realtor on the side of the highway, our physical mailboxes stuffed with direct mail brochures with the advertising and marketing tropes to match. Cliches like “This home has it […]

An Ownly Feature: Using data to evolve your sales and marketing

Ownly metrics in action

As a builder, it’s essential to understand the value of your products. With transparent data in your hands, you can arm your business with the information you need to make the right sales and marketing decisions. But in a day and age where it’s become more about buyer empowerment than seller enablement, data can also […]

Should your potential buyer use a realtor for a new construction home?

Although most home buyers work with a licenced realtor, an average of 12% of home buyers in the United States didn’t in 2020. However, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) reports buying a home without a realtor can be a viable option for many. Last year, for new construction homes, 6% of home buyers bought […]

How team alignment can help home builders grow revenue

Let’s cut to the chase. If businesses can’t build trust inside their organization, they’ll never develop it outwardly. Team alignment describes how all employees, teams, and higher-ups of an organization share a common goal. It includes technology and human process convergence to deliver better products and services to customers—the main goal is success. When you […]

Sell more homes with digital marketing

Woman looking at digital ad on her phone.

Global industries, in general, have undergone significant transformations in the past few decades. The auto industry, for instance, has adapted to more of an e-commerce process for selling and buying vehicles. Fashion has allowed its consumers to see digital advertisements and purchase items without even trying them on. But the real estate industry seems to […]